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 ”Nowadays you got to hope the guy that shares your name doesn’t do something bad or stupid.” — at 86 street 4,5,6 train station.

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Spring is about egg hunts, clearing out the collected jetsam and flotsam of the winter and simplifying. 
Start your Spring with half a dozen ideas.

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 Spring has sprung and so has that hair do. We love Hugh Kretschmer’s photography and he has inspired us to take off our winter hats and to book with our hairstylists.

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NYC says “here’s my card”

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 Leslie Williamson’s new book Modern Originals: At Home With Midcentury European Designers from Rizzoli brings you into the homes of Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto and others. This is Finn Juhl’s home with many of his iconic furniture pieces.  

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